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Microdosing Coaching Cycle

8 sessions, legal microdose-kit inluded

Price for one session: 90€
Due to the small business regulation, no VAT is charged.

Microdosing shows its full potential when used within a framework of committed and structured personal development for several weeks. This service is for you if you wish to make changes in different areas of your life, assisted by an enhanced clarity of mind and a structured personal growth plan.

You need to be highly motivated and ensure you have the resources to make these changes happen. Typically, there are two microdose days per week for eight weeks. We will work together to create the best schedule for your situation. In the first session we will develop a clearer picture for what areas in your life you want to improve and make a plan for achieving these goals. We will anticipate any roadblocks that may come up, explore your value systems and personality structure, and determine the most useful tools and resources for your growth. We will also focus on improving your navigation skills while in this subtle but enhanced state of mind. In the remaining sessions, we will discuss your experiences and progress and revisit any goals if needed. You will need to be prepared to make changes to your daily routines and venture outside your comfort zone to make lasting and meaningful changes. 

Included is a legal microdose-kit containing all you need.

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