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Transformational Psychedelic Coaching Cycle

8 sessions

Price: 720€
Due to the small business regulation, no VAT is charged.

This service is for you if your intention is to have a profound psychedelic experience in the near future and wish to be prepared to face the challenges of this potentially life-changing journey with the right tools and resources. You will also receive guidance on having the best possible integration of this experience in the weeks afterwards.

We will use the first four sessions to get insight on your values, personality structure, mission and vision in life, current life circumstances, and your goals for the future. We will also identify any obstacles in your belief system which may prevent you from receiving the full benefits of the experience. Of course, we will discuss your expectations for the experience and make sure that you are in the right mental state beforehand. We will also design a personalized plan for the four integration sessions following the psychedelic experience in order to translate and integrate the insights from the trip into your daily life.

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