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Psychedelic Coaching and Psychology

Online Preparation and Integration

Welcome to Psychedelic Coaching and Psychology

Psychedelics can provide profound, life-changing experiences and the long-term positive effects are greatly enhanced by quality guidance around the process they induce. I offer specialized coaching services tailored around different psychedelic experiences, with a special focus on proper preparation and integration. My goal is to help you overcome limitations in your life story and move towards a more meaningful, conscious, vivid, and joyful life with a clearer mission and strong guiding values.

There are endless benefits to investing time and energy in this process, especially if you feel motivated to go the extra mile with your personal development during our coaching relationship. I will help you to identify activities that fill you with purpose, explore beliefs inspired by your personal philosophy, and discover meaningful ways to experience a deeper world of connections and emotions. These insights can help you form a stronger foundation for happiness and success.

Currently, my services are being offered online through Zoom and available in English, German and Dutch. You can book a free consultation to make sure that my service is the right choice for you here:

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My Services

Transformational Psychedelic
Coaching Cycle

8 sessions

This service is for you if your intention is to have a profound psychedelic experience in the near future and wish to be prepared to face the challenges of this potentially life-changing journey with the right tools and resources. You will also receive guidance on having the best possible integration of this experience in the weeks afterwards.

Coaching Cycle

8 sessions, legal microdose-kit inluded

Microdosing shows its full potential when used within a framework of committed and structured personal development for several weeks. This service is for you if you wish to make changes in different areas of your life, assisted by an enhanced clarity of mind and a structured personal growth plan.

Single Coaching
Information Session

Individual session

I offer a one-time single session by video call. Choose this option if you wish to explore more thoroughly whether psychedelics are the right choice for you or what kind of setting best suits your needs. As a result of our conversation I might be able to refer you to a trusted provider from my personal network.

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